Marina & Pau Reborn Doll

Marina & Pau Reborn Doll

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The beautiful Baby Dreams is one of the 45 cm dolls from the brand Marina & Pau. Her sleeping face is very adorable and she's wearing a very cute outfit. She has vinyl limbs and a soft fabric body that you will love to hug. Plus, her body is articulated, which means she can adopt the postures of a real baby.

What are you waiting to meet her?

- Real weight doll.
- Arms and legs completely made of vinyl
- Soft body
- Vinyl with special touch.
- Joints: head, shoulders and legs.
- Includes: Pacifier and blanket.

ATTENTION: The pacifier is a decorative accessory, since the doll has the mouth closed.

- This doll weighs approximately: 1.70 kg (3.75 lb)